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Diva Faustina I (wife of A. Pius) Æ32 of Perinthus, Thrace. Circa AD 139-144. ΘEA ΦAVCTEINA, veiled bust right, hair coiled on top of head / EΠI ANT•ZHNΩNOC ΠP•CEB•ANT•ΠEPINΘIΩN, Aphrodite standing right, holding sceptre and apple. Varbanov 121 var.; RPC -, cf. 8656. 19.10g, 32mm, 6h.

Good Very Fine. Extremely Rare.

From a central European collection;
Ex Numismatica Ars Classica 92, 24 May 2016, lot 2242.

Diva Faustina I (wife of A. Pius) Æ32 of Perinthos, Thrace. (rxvi479)

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