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Baktria, Sophytes AR Didrachm. Uncertain mint in the Oxus region, circa 246/5-235 BC. Attic standard. Head of Seleukos(?) right, wearing laurel wreathed Attic helmet decorated with spiral pattern on crest and eagle wings on cheek-guard; MNA on bust truncation / Cockerel standing right; kerykeion behind, ΣΩΦYΤΟΥ to right. Bopearachchi, Sophytes Series 3A, pl. I, 2 = Alpha Bank 7461; for type cf. SNG ANS 21-23 (drachm); Mitchiner 29 (drachm); Whitehead NC 1943, pp. 64, 1 and pl. III, 7-8 (drachm); Roma XIV, 366. 7.91g, 20mm, 6h.

Near Mint State. Exceedingly Rare; one of only half a dozen known specimens, and of considerable numismatic interest.

From the 1960s Andragoras-Sophytes Group, present in Germany in 1975, subsequently exported to the USA.

Baktria, Sophytes AR Didrachm. (rxvi422)

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