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Uncertain Eastern Satrapy, 'Athenian Series' AR Tetradrachm. Uncertain mint, circa 323-240 BC. Attic standard. Head of Athena right, wearing earring, necklace, and crested Attic helmet decorated with three olive leaves over visor and a spiral palmette and grape bunch on the bowl / Owl standing right, head facing; olive sprig and crescent behind, AΘE before; all within incuse square. Roma XV, 337; cf. Bopearachchi, Sophytes Series 1A; cf. Roma XIV, 341 corr. (grape bunch on rev.). 16.86g, 23mm, 12h.

Near Extremely Fine. Extremely Rare.

From the 1960s Andragoras-Sophytes Group, present in Germany in 1975, subsequently exported to the USA.

Sharing the obverse grape bunch of lot 344, but struck with an incuse square reverse, the present piece, attributed in Roma XIV to 'uncertain eastern satrapy' is more appropriately attributed to the Baktrian 'Athenian series', but its chronological relationship is uncertain.

Uncertain Eastern Satrapy, 'Athenian Series' AR Tetradrachm. (rxvi415)

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