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Satraps of Karia, Pixodaros AR Didrachm. Halikarnassos, circa 340-334 BC. Laureate head of Apollo facing three-quarters right / Zeus Labraundos standing right, holding double-axe (labrys) over right shoulder and lotus-tipped sceptre in left hand; ΠIΞOΔAPOY to right. BMC 8; Pixodaros - (these dies not listed); SNG von Aulock 2376; SNG München 15; SNG Copenhagen 597. 7.08g, 20mm, 12h.

Good Extremely Fine. An obverse of uncommonly elegant and refined style.

From the collection of an antiquarian, Bavaria c. 1960s-90s.

Pixodaros was the youngest of the three sons of Hekatomnos, all of whom successively held the satrapy of Karia. Pixodaros obtained possession of the throne by the expulsion of his sister Ada, the widow and successor of her brother Idrieos, and held it without opposition for a period of five years, from 340 to 335 BC. He cultivated the friendship of Persia, giving his daughter in marriage to a Persian named Orontobates, whom he even seems to have admitted to some share in the sovereign power during his own lifetime. He also did not neglect to court the friendship of other kings, and endeavoured to secure an alliance with Philip II, king of Macedon, by offering the hand of his eldest daughter in marriage to Arrhidaios, the illegitimate son of the Macedonian monarch. The discontent of the young Alexander at this period led him to offer himself as a suitor for the Karian princess instead of his brother - an overture which was eagerly embraced by Pixodaros, but the indignant interference of Philip put an end to the whole scheme. Pixodaros died a natural death some time before the landing of Alexander in Asia in 334 BC, and was succeeded by his son-in-law Orontobates.

Satraps of Karia, Pixodaros AR Didrachm. (rxvi294)

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