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Kingdom of Macedon, Philip II AR Tetradrachm. Lifetime issue. Pella, circa 356-348 BC. Laureate head of Zeus to right / The king, wearing kausia and chlamys, raising his right hand in salute and riding a horse walking to the left; ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΥ around, Δ under horse's raised foreleg, star under belly. Le Rider 125 (D73/R99). 14.43g, 25mm, 5h.

Good Extremely Fine. An exceptional example of the early coinage of Philip.

Ex Ambrose Collection;
Ex W.B. and R.E. Montgomery Collection;
Ex Classical Numismatic Group 66, 19 May 2004, lot 176;
Ex Numismatik Lanz 54, 12 November 1990, lot 121.

Philip, despite Athenian opposition to his participation in the Olympics on the grounds that he was a non-Greek, went on to become an Olympic victor three times in 356, 352 and 348 BC. On the first occasion, Plutarch reports that upon having conquered Potidaia Philip was informed that his horse had won its race, and that this day he also learned of the victory of his general Parmenion against the Illyrians, and that his wife Myrtale had given birth to a son, Alexander. In commemoration of his Olympic victory, Philip decreed that his wife should henceforth be known as Olympias, and he caused these coins to be struck, proudly displaying both he and his horse in victorious stance upon the reverse.

Kingdom of Macedon, Philip II AR Tetradrachm. (rxvi207)

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