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Sicily, Syracuse AR Tetradrachm. Second Democracy, circa 460-450 BC. Charioteer, holding kentron and reins, driving slow quadriga to right; above, Nike flying to right, crowning horses with open wreath held in both hands; ketos swimming to right in exergue / Head of Arethusa right, wearing pearl diadem, earring and necklace, her hair rolled in a bun at the back, ΣYRAKOΣION and four dolphins around. Boehringer 509 (V268/R365); SNG ANS 162 (same dies). 17.28g, 25mm, 3h.

Extremely Fine. Pleasing old cabinet tone. Very Rare.

Privately purchased from Numismatica Ars Classica, January 2011.

Sicily, Syracuse AR Tetradrachm (rxvi150)

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