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Bruttium, Terina AR Stater. Circa 445-425 BC. Head of the nymph Terina left, wearing ampyx and earring, her hair tied up; all within olive wreath / Nike seated to left, holding wreath in outstretched right hand and resting left on stool; [TEPI]NAIΩN above. McClean pl. 62, 3 (same dies); Holloway-Jenkins 18; HN Italy 2576; Regling 18. 7.74g, 22mm, 3h.

Extremely Fine. Very Rare.

Ex Numismatica Ars Classica Auction Q, 6 April 2006, lot 1149.

Little is known of the history of Terina. The city was probably founded by Kroton around the time of the Krotoniate defeat of Sybaris circa 510 BC. A war with Thourioi is attested a few years after 444/3 BC. In 356 the city was besieged and taken by the Brettians, and it became a Brettian community, surviving the conquest of Alexander the Molossian in 325. Ultimately, Terina was razed by Hannibal in 203 and never rebuilt.

Bruttium, Terina AR Stater (rxvi124)

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