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Lokris, Lokris Opuntii AR Stater. Circa 369 BC. Head of Demeter left, wearing barley-wreath, pearl necklace and elaborate ‘boat’ earring with crescent and five pendants / Ajax the Lokrian, nude but for crested Corinthian helmet, advancing to right on rocky ground, holding short sword in his right hand, round shield decorated on its interior with griffin, transverse spear behind hero’s legs; ΟΠΟΝΤΙΩΝ around. J. Morineau Humphrirs & D. Delbridge, The Coinage of the Opountian Lokrians, RNS SP 50, London 2014, pl. 8, 150b (57/47); BCD 70; BMC Plate I, 9; SNG Berry 570; Gulbenkian 495–496; SNG Lockett 1693. 12.23g, 25mm, 10h.

Near Extremely Fine.

Ex private Swiss collection.

Lokris, Lokris Opuntii AR Stater. (rxv83)

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