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Campania, Neapolis AR Didrachm. Circa 320-300 BC. Head of nymph right, wearing diadem, earring and necklace; ΛE behind / Man-faced bull advancing right, crowned by Nike flying to right; ΔI below, NEOΠOΛITHΣ in exergue. Sambon 452; HN Italy 571; SNG ANS 327; SNG France 710. 7.47g, 20mm, 1h.

Good Extremely Fine; a couple of minor marks on obv., but nonetheless one of the finest didrachms of Neapolis seen in recent years. Very Rare.

From the collection of T.M., Germany;
Ex BFA 15, 27 April 2015, lot 9.

Originally founded as Parthenope in the seventh or sixth century BC by Euboians from the nearby settlement of Kyme (Cumae), the city was named after the siren said to have washed ashore at Megaride after throwing herself into the sea when she failed to bewitch Odysseus with her song. Etruscan aggression in the centuries following the founding of Parthenope stymied its economic development to the extent that by the mid 5th century, the settlement had virtually ceased to exist. As Etruscan influence waned however, the area was occupied by settlers from Kyme who refounded the city somewhat further inland as Neapolis (new city). The original Parthenope came to be known as Palaipolis (old city), though the two quickly merged into a single entity.

Campania, Neapolis AR Didrachm. (rxv6)

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