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Julia Domna (wife of S. Severus) AV Aureus. Rome, AD 196-211. IVLIA AVGVSTA, draped bust right / MATER DEVM, Cybele seated left on throne, towered, holding branch in right hand and resting left elbow on drum; on either side of throne, a lion crouching left. RIC 565; C. 126; BMCRE 50; Calicó 2629 (same dies). 7.28g, 21mm, 6h.

Good Extremely Fine. Very Rare.

From the property of B.R.S., United Kingdom.

Of the many titles conferred on his wife by the emperor Septimius Severus, included are Mater Senatus et Patriae (mother of the Senate and Rome), the unique title of Mater Augustorum (mother of the Augusti) and, on account of her companionship in the field, Mater Castrorum (mother of the camp). The emphasis is on Julia Domna as imperial mother not only to the two heirs Caracalla and Geta but also to segments of Roman society. This coin associates the empress with Cybele, the MATER DEVM (mother of gods), perhaps extending the reach of the imperial mother by association with the mother of the gods; as Cybele is the supreme divine mother, so Julia Domna is the supreme mother to mortals.

Julia Domna (wife of S. Severus) AV Aureus. (rxv589)

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