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Calabria, Tarentum AR Nomos. Nikodamos, Eu-, and Aga-, magistrates. Circa 281-276 BC. Nude warrior on horseback left, wearing helmet and carrying shield, YƎ before, NIKOΔΑΜΟΣ below / Taras astride dolphin left, holding bunch of grapes and distaff; ΤΑΡΑΣ before, cockerel behind, ΑΓΑ below. Vlasto 707; HN Italy 970; Jameson 168 (this obverse die); Boston 80 (this obverse die). 7.97g, 22mm, 2h.

Extremely Fine.

From the collection of C.S., Germany; purchased before 1991.

Calabria, Tarentum AR Nomos. (rxv31)

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