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Marc Antony AR Denarius. Military mint travelling with Antony in northern Syria, late summer - autumn 38 BC. Bare head right; ANT•AVGV•III•VIR•R•P•C around / Trophy of arms; at base to left, prow left, [Macedonian shield to right]; IMP-TE[R] across fields. Crawford 536/3 note; CRI 272; RSC 18b. 3.86g, 20mm, 9h.

Good Extremely Fine; two light scratches on obverse. Sound, lustrous metal. Very Rare.

The Parthians had been well aware of Caesar's ambitions to invade their territory, and during the civil war that followed the dictator's assassination, they actively supported the cause of the Liberators, sending a contingent of troops which fought with them at the Battle of Philippi in 42 BC. Following that defeat the pro-republican general Titus Labienus, who had lately served as Cassius' ambassador to Parthia, assisted the Parthians in their bid to invade the Eastern Roman territories. Along with the Parthian prince Pacorus, Labienus commanded the invasion forces which swept into Syria and down the Phoenician coast.

Distracted first by his dalliance with Cleopatra, then by his wife Fulvia, in the following year Marc Antony eventually dispatched his lieutenant Publius Ventidius Bassus with eleven legions to drive back the invaders. Ventidius first surprised and defeated Labienus at the Cilician Gates, executing the traitor, then encountered a Parthian army at the Amanus pass which he also defeated. Finally in the spring of 38 at the Battle of Cyrrhestica, Ventidius inflicted an overwhelming defeat against the Parthians which resulted in the death of the Pacorus. Antony at this point hurried to take command of Ventidius' forces in the prosecution of a campaign of reprisal against Antiochus of Commagene, who had aided the Parthians. Ventidius meanwhile was pensioned off back to Rome, where he became the first Roman to celebrate a triumph over the Parthians.

Marc Antony AR Denarius. (rxiv570)

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