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C. Numonius Vaala AR Denarius. Rome, 41 BC. Bare head of Numonius Vaala right; C•NVMONIVS downwards before, VAALA upwards behind / Soldier advancing left, holding sword and shield, attacking a vallum defended by two soldiers; VAALA in exergue. Crawford 514/2; RSC Numonia 2. 3.93g, 19mm, 10h.

Good Extremely Fine. Well centred and struck. Old collection tone. Rare.

The Corona Vallaris was a Roman military award given to the first soldier to breach the enemy rampart (vallum), and was awarded regardless of rank. That the reverse type chosen by Numonius Vaala for his denarii depicts the deeds of an ancestor which resulted in the cognomen Vaala is a distinct possibility, though the details of the relative in question, or the particular instance at which such an award might have been won, are not known to history.

C. Numonius Vaala AR Denarius. (rxiv525)

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