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Q. Caecilius Metellus Pius AR Denarius. Spain, 81 BC. Diademed bust of Pietas right, stork before / Jug and lituus; IMPER in exergue; all within wreath. Crawford 374/2; RSC Caecilia 44. 3.89g, 18mm, 2h.

Fleur De Coin. Deep and richly coloured old tone.

Ex Poindessault, 27 March 1990, lot 90.

Claiming the agnomen 'Pius' on account of the tireless campaign he fought to have his father given a full pardon and be allowed to return to Rome, Metellus is here announcing his personal pietas through official nomenclature in an innovative move that became an establshed Roman tradtion. Coupling the head of Pietas on the obverse with the priestly implements on the reverse further burnished Metellus' image, though the reverse type may actually allude more to his support of the dictator Sulla, for whom he was leading an army in the Sertorian War against the supporters of Gaius Marius when this issue was struck.

Q. Caecilius Metellus Pius AR Denarius. (rxiv469)

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