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Cyprus, Paphos AR Stater. Stasandros, circa 425 BC or later. Bull standing left on beaded line; winged solar disk above, ankh to left, palmette ornament in exergue; all within dotted circular border / Eagle standing left, one-handled vase to left, 'pa-si sa-ta-sa' in Cypriot script around; all within dotted square in incuse square. Destrooper-Georgiades 15; Tziambazis 7; Traité II 1291 = BMC 17; SNG Copenhagen 26; ACGC 1089. 11.01g, 22mm, 3h.

Good Extremely Fine. Very Rare, and exceptionally well preserved for the type.

From the collection of an antiquarian, Bavaria c. 1960s-1990s.

Cyprus, Paphos AR Stater. (rxiv283)

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