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Cyprus, Paphos AR Stater. Stasandros, circa 440-425 BC. Bull standing left on beaded double line; winged solar disk above, [ankh to left]; all within dotted circular border / Eagle standing left, ankh to left, 'pa-si sa-ta-sa-to' in Cypriot script around; all within dotted square border in incuse square. Babelon, Perses 749a; BMC pl. XXI, 9; Tziambazis -; Roma XIII, 406. 10.92g, 28mm, 6h.

Very Fine. Extremely Rare.

From the collection of an antiquarian, Bavaria c. 1960s-1990s.

The similarities in style and fabric of this coin with the preceding lot attributed to Onasioikos indicate that it was the first known issue in the name of Stasandros, who has evidently succeeded Onasioikos as king. Both sets of dies are very clearly the work of the same engraver(s).

Cyprus, Paphos AR Stater. (rxiv282)

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