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Cilicia, Satraps AR Stater. Pharnabazos, satrap of Hellespontine Phrygia. Tarsos, circa 380-374/3 BC. Head of Arethusa facing slightly left / Helmeted and bearded male head right. SNG France 247; SNG von Aulock 5922. 10.65g, 22mm, 12h.

Very Fine.

In the wake of a protracted war against Sparta, Persian power was weakened, causing Egypt to revolt and declare its independence from Persian rule. An initial force sent to crush the upstart Egyptians was defeated by Greek mercenaries hired by the Egyptian pharaoh. Pharnabazos was then appointed commander of the second campaign to reconquer Egypt, and caused these coins to be struck in order to pay the Greek mercenaries he hired to counter those of the Egyptians.

Cilicia, Satraps AR Stater. (rxiv265)

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