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Satraps of Karia, Pixodaros AR Didrachm. Halikarnassos, circa 341/0-336/5 BC. Laureate head of Apollo facing slightly right, with drapery around neck / Zeus Labraundos standing right, holding double-axe (labrys) and lotus-tipped sceptre; ΠIΞΩΔAPOY to right. Konuk, Identities 30; Babelon, Perses 414–421; Traité II 111; SNG von Aulock 2375–2376; SNG Kayhan 891–892; SNG Copenhagen 597; Roma Numismatics III, 293 (same obverse die). 6.94g, 20mm, 11h.

Near Mint State. Of exceptionally fine style; struck from the same obverse die as Roma III, lot 293 (hammered for £10,000 on an estimate of £7,500), but struck from a reverse die in superior condition to that of the aforementioned.

Privately purchased from Maison Platt, September 1980.

From 395 to 334 BC, the rulers of Karia were members of the family of Hekatomnos of Mylasa, whose sons Maussolos, Idrieos and Pixodaros all succeeded him in their turn. Pixodaros, the youngest, was the last member of the family to rule Karia, and but for the indignant interference of Philip II of Macedon, would have given the hand of his daughter in marriage to Alexander III.

This stunning didrachm, though from dies the product of which are not themselves excessively rare, is here found to be in a condition far surpassing the majority of those of its brothers that have survived to the present day. The coins struck from these dies are of a rare, sculptural quality that is matched by only one other set of dies for the didrachm issues, and one set of tetradrachm dies. The others are, much in common with the coins of his siblings, of a style that is often weak-featured and insipid. Here however, we are presented with a portrait bearing a bold chin, proud cheekbones and strong nose; all of this is cunningly rendered in carefully wrought relief.

Satraps of Karia, Pixodaros AR Didrachm. (rxiv248)

Price: £4,912.00

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