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Crete, Phalasarna AR Stater. Circa 300 BC. Head of Britomartis to right, her hair tightly bound / Elaborate trident head; Φ-A between prongs. Le Rider pl. X, 12-13 (same dies); SNG Lockett 2596; Svoronos 2, pl. XXV, 5 (same dies). 11.25g, 26mm, 12h.

Extremely Fine. Rare.

Britomartis was the Minoan goddess of mountains and hunting, who was later assimilated into classical Greek mythology through her equation to Artemis. She was worshipped as an aspect of Potnia, the Cretan Mother of Mountains, who in Minoan art appears as a demonic gorgon, accompanied by double-axes of power, and gripping divine serpents. Her name Britomartis, which means 'sweet maid', appears to have been an apotropaic euphemism to allay the dangerous, terrifying side to the goddess.

Crete, Phalasarna AR Stater. (rxiv127)

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