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Herodians, Herod V of Chalkis Æ25. Chalkis, dated RY 3 = AD 43/4. Diademed head of Herod of Chalkis right / KΛAVΔI Ω KAIΣA PI ΣEBAΣ TΩ ETT in four lines within linear circle; all within wreath. RPC 4778.5; Meshorer TJC 362; Hendin 1252. 12.98g, 26mm, 1h.

Good Fine. Pleasant dark patina; earthen repatination. Extremely Rare.

Continued Herodian support for the Romans allowed the dynasty to extend its influence beyond Jewish territories. Herod V, the grandson of Herod the Great, was granted the kingdom of Chalkis by Claudius in 41 upon the request of Agrippa I, and all of his rare coins name the emperor. His friendship with and loyalty to the emperor continued to benefit him; following the death of Agrippa in 44, Claudius extended to him authority over affairs at the Temple in Jerusalem, a right he retained until his death some four years later.

Herodians, Herod V of Chalkis Æ25. (rxiii488)

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