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Calabria, Tarentum AR Reduced Nomos or Half-Shekel. Punic occupation, circa 212-209 BC. Nude youth on horseback to left, crowning horse with wreath; IΩ to right, ΣΩΓENHΣ below / Taras astride dolphin to left, holding cornucopiae and Nike who crowns him with wreath; TAPAΣ below. Vlasto 975-7; HN Italy 1079. 3.86g, 18mm, 9h.

Good Extremely Fine. Extremely Rare.

The climax of the Carthaginian invasion of Italy was reached when Tarentum changed sides in 212 BC. The takeover of the city was a carefully planned coup by Hannibal and members of the city's democratic faction who opened the gates to Hannibal's army. The Carthaginians failed to take the citadel, but subsequent fortifications around this enemy stronghold enabled the city to remain under Punic control. Hannibal installed his own magistrates and struck coinage based on the Punic half-shekel standard.

Calabria, Tarentum AR Reduced Nomos or Half-Shekel. (rxii41)

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