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Britannia, Atrebates. Tincomarus AV 1/4 Stater. Calleva, circa 25 BC-7 AD. TINC on rectangular tablet, C-A above and below / Winged head of Medusa facing, a pair of snakes knotted below the chin, two large snakes descending on either side of the face. ABC 1076; BMC 811ff; Van Arsdell 378-1; SCBC 77; Spink 77. 1.18g, 11mm, 1h.

Good Extremely Fine. Among the finest known specimens, most of which are in museum collections.

Ex NGSA 5, 3 December 2008, lot 1.

These coins were long thought to have been issued by one 'Tincommius', an error resulting from the combination of the two separate abbreviated legends TINC and the patronymic COM. The Medusa head is suggested by Van Arsdell to have been inspired by that on the extremely rare aurei of L. Aquillius Florus (RIC 302), which was itself a later incarnation of the design used on the denarii of L. Cornelius Lentulus and C. Claudius Marcellus (Crawford 445/1), that others have also cited as possible inspiration. However, there is no reason why the type should have been copied from another coin at all, since the winged medusa was a common motif on various artifices since the late seventh century BC, and Roman pottery and other imports had been appearing at Tincomarus' capital of Calleva for some years before the start of his reign.

The son and heir of Commius, Tincomarus succeeded his father around 25-20 BC. Based on coin distribution it is possible that Tincomarus ruled in collaboration with his father for the last few years of Commius's life. Little is known of his reign although the numismatic evidence does suggest that he was sympathetic to Rome.

Britannia, Atrebates. Tincomarus AV 1/4 Stater. (rxii1)

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