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Kings of Thrace, Lysimachos AR Tetradrachm. Lampsakos, 297/6-282/1 BC. Diademed head of the deified Alexander right, with horn of Ammon / Athena Nikephoros seated left, shield decorated with Medusa's head resting against base of throne, spear resting behind; ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ to right, ΛΥΣΙΜΑΞΟΥ to left, monogram to inner left, [crescent in exergue]. Thompson 54; Müller 398; SNG France 2534. 16.61g, 30mm, 1h.

Very Fine; some corrosion to edge at 6h. Circulation marks under old cabinet tone.

Kings of Thrace, Lysimachos AR Tetradrachm. (e50xx277)

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