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Calabria, Tarentum AR Nomos. Circa 401-395 BC. Nude youth on horse stepping left, holding shield with left hand and crowning horse with wreath with his right / Taras astride dolphin right, holding lance in his right hand and with left extended forward; TAPAN[TI]NΩN around, waves below. Vlasto 345 (same dies); M.P. Vlasto, "Choix De Monnaies Rares ou Inédites De Tarente", Revue Numismatique 1904, pp.149-159, no.11, pl. V, 8 (same); Brunetti 7. 7.69g, 24mm, 9h.

Good Fine. Heavy scrape to edge. Toned.

Calabria, Tarentum AR Nomos. (e49xx69)

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