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Cilicia, Tarsos AR Stater. Mazaios, satrap of Cilicia and Cappadocia, circa 361/0-334 BC. Baaltars seated left on throne, holding eagle-tipped sceptre in right hand, left hand holding chlamys at his waist; grain ear and grape bunch above Aramaic N to left, B'LTRZ in Aramaic to right, Aramaic M below throne / Lion to left, attacking bull to right above crenelated city walls of Tarsos; 'MZDI ZI'L'BRNH RAWHLK' (Mazaios Governor of Transeuphrates and Cilicia) in Aramaic above. Casabonne Series 4, Group B; SNG France 359. 10.71g, 23mm, 7h.

Very Fine / Good Very Fine. Struck with a worn obv. die. Toned.

Cilicia, Tarsos AR Stater. (e48xx199)

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