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Sicily, Syracuse Æ Hemilitron. Time of Hiketas II, circa 287-283 BC. Head of Kore left, wearing wreath of grain ears; retrograde ΣYPAKOΣIΩN before / Nike driving galloping biga right; A in exergue. BAR issue 38; CNS 125; SNG ANS 772; SNG Morcom 777. 6.96g, 22mm, 6h.

Good Very Fine. Pleasing style.

From the collection of a Scientist.

The anonymous issue from which this piece comes has variously been attributed to Agathokles in CNS, the Fourth Republic in SNG ANS, and Hiketas in BAR and SNG Morcom, Hiketas being the generally accepted issuing authority.

Sicily, Syracuse Æ Hemilitron. (e47xx169)

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