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Sicily, Morgantina Æ Hemidrachm. Circa 339/8-317 BC. Head of Athena right, wearing triple-crested Attic helmet decorated with serpents; behind neck guard, owl standing right, head facing; MOPΓANTINΩN before / Lion standing right, devouring stag's head; Γ above, coiled serpent below. Erim & Jaunzems issue 6, 4; Castrizio series I, 2; CNS 2; SNG Morcom 640; SNG ANS -; SNG Lloyd -; Rizzo pl. LX, 7; Basel 375; SNG Delepierre 3054. 21.15g, 27mm, 2h.

Good Very Fine; very complete for the issue.

Sicily, Morgantina Æ Hemidrachm. (e47xx142)

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