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Sicily, Syracuse AR Tetradrachm. Deinomenid Tyranny. Time of Hieron I, circa 480/78-475 BC. Charioteer, holding kentron and reins, driving walking quadriga right; above, Nike flying to right, crowning horses / Head of Arethusa right, wearing earring, necklace and headband, her hair tied in a krobylos; ΣVRΑKΟΣΙΟΝ and four dolphins around. Boehringer 122 (V55/R83); SNG ANS 32 (same dies). 17.24g, 25mm, 6h.

Good Fine, with blue iridescent highlights. Well centred.

Ex Roma Numismatics E-Sale 15, 31 January 2015, lot 15.

Sicily, Syracuse AR Tetradrachm. (e46xx76)

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