Auction X

This page will contain a small number of exceptional coins to be featured in Auction X. This list will be updated periodically as new consignments arrive. If you would like to submit your coins for inclusion in this sale, please view our consignor's page for more information, or contact us.

Auction X will feature:

-The VCV Collection of Etruscan coins, which includes some of the rarest and most beautiful types of the series.
- The Kleines Meisterwerk Collection of exceptional quality electrum hektes of Phokaia and Mytilene.
- Selections from the Ambrose Collection of Greek and Roman Coins.
- A unique, unpublished and highly important Samian gold stater depicting a hunt scene.
- A unique and important Portuguese mint Visigothic tremissis.
- An extremely rare and important Eastern mint legionary aureus of Septimius Severus, the second known of its type.
- A very attractive, high grade aureus of Vitellius.
- An extremely rare aureus of Faustina I.
- Over 40 other Roman gold coins.
- Exceptional quality early Lydian coins.
- A stunning griffin stater of Kyzikos.
- An electrum stater of Kyzikos depicting Philip II of Macedon.
- Rare solidi of Michael II, III and IV.
- A high grade Seleukos I portrait tetradrachm of Philetairos.
- A very rare English-found unofficial issue solidus of Julius Nepos.
- An attractive group of Lycian silver fractions.
- A beautiful winged-female stater of Kaunos.
- Two superb archaic Athens tetradrachms.
- A Diva Marciana denarius of exceptional quality.