Mintmap Features and Instructions

Thank you for using Roma Numismatics' map of the ancient world's minting authorities. In order to begin using the Mintmap, move your cursor over the map and click once. You will now be able to control the viewing screen using your mouse buttons and mousewheel, or if your mouse does not have a wheel, by using the controls to the left of the map.

Getting Started:
- Left clicking and dragging the mouse will change your map viewpoint. 
- Using the mousewheel will zoom in/out of the map (otherwise, use the scale bar to the left).
- Clicking and holding the mousewheel then moving the mouse around will change your viewpoint orientation.
- Double left clicking anywhere on the map will zoom in to that spot.

Selecting and Browsing Mints
- Minting authorities are denoted by the building icons on the map. Those surronded by a wreath indicate mints for which Roma Numismatics holds coins in stock.
- Left clicking on any icon will bring up a list of options, including (where appropriate) a link to wikipedia's entry on that mint, or Roma's available coins for that mint. 
- Double left clicking on any icon will fast zoom in to that mint.  

If the mintmap fails to load and reports an error relating the API key, simply refresh or reload the page.  
If you notice any errors or omissions, please contact us. 

Future Features:
- Toggle 3D/2D mode on/off.
- Option to overlay modern borders and place names.  
- If you have suggestions for future features you would like to see on the Mintmap, please contact us.