Online Bidding System

Our online bidding software is simple, secure and completely confidential. 

- Get started: Once you are logged in, en you can start bidding right away.

- Placing a bid: Enter your bid as a full number (e.g. 100 or 1000), and confirm the bid when prompted. That's it! 

- Placing a high bid: Entering a high bid will naturally mean that you are more likely to win the lot. If you enter a high bid, the site bidding system will automatically bid the next available increment on your behalf, and will only bid again if another customer bids against you. The bidding system will try to win the lot for you at the lowest possible price. 

- Check the status of your bids: You can view your current and maximum bids in 'My Account' - simply select 'view current bids' from the dropdown menu.

- Security and confidentiality: Nobody but you can access your account, or view your maximum bids. You should nonetheless choose a username that will not identify you to other users.