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Description: Thrace, Abdera AR Stater. Circa 365-345 BC. Aigialeos, magistrate. Griffin crouching left, far forepaw raised; ABΔH-[PITEΩN] around / Laureate head of Apollo right; EΠI [AIΓ]IALE[ΩΣ] around. May, Abdera, 529; SNG Copenhagen -; BMC -. 9.42g, 21mm, 7h.

Very Fine. Scarce.

Privately purchased from Rutten and Wieland.

Lot 890: Thrace, Abdera AR Stater.

Estimate: £250.00

Currently: £200.00

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Ending: 01/11/2014 at 15:28

Now: 23/10/2014 – 06:53

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