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Our commitment to ethical and responsible provenance: the consignor affirms that this auction lot is their lawful property to sell, and where cultural property restrictions may exist, that it meets the requirements to be legally imported into the United States.


Illyria, Apollonia AR Drachm. Circa mid-late 1st century BC. AICXINAC, laureate head of Apollo left / Three nymphs, hand in hand, dancing around fire; A-Π-O-Λ across fields; APXN O[ΛN] MΠI in exergue. SNG Copenhagen 403 var. (exergual legend). 3.31g, 20mm, 11h.

Very Fine, clipped, minor flan crack 9h.

Lot 75: Illyria, Apollonia AR Drachm.

Estimate: £100.00 (approx. $127.67 / €113.13)

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