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Our commitment to ethical and responsible provenance: the consignor affirms that this auction lot is their lawful property to sell, and where cultural property restrictions may exist, that it meets the requirements to be legally imported into the United States and Germany.


Calabria, Tarentum AR Nomos. Circa 401-395 BC. Nude youth on horse stepping left, holding shield with left hand and crowning horse with wreath with his right / Taras astride dolphin right, holding lance in his right hand and with left extended forward; TAPAN[TI]NΩN around, waves below. Vlasto 345 (same dies); M.P. Vlasto, "Choix De Monnaies Rares ou Inédites De Tarente", Revue Numismatique 1904, pp.149-159, no.11, pl. V, 8 (same); Brunetti 7. 7.69g, 24mm, 9h.

Good Fine. Heavy scrape to edge. Toned.

Lot 69: Calabria, Tarentum AR Nomos.

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Ending: 30/08/2018 at 12:00:00

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