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Our commitment to ethical and responsible provenance: the consignor affirms that this auction lot is their lawful property to sell, and where cultural property restrictions may exist, that it meets the requirements to be legally imported into the United States.


Northwest Gaul, Ambiani AR Quinarius. 'Hippocamp' type. Late 2nd - early 1st century BC. Celticized head of Athena right, wearing helmet / Disjointed horse right, below which hippocamp right. D&T 188. 0.88g, 14mm, 12h.

Good Fine / Good Very Fine. Obv. scratched and worn, rev. near mint state. Pleasing style. Attractive light tone.

Lot 16: Northwest Gaul, Ambiani AR Quinarius.

Estimate: £200.00 (approx. $255.32 / €226.18)

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