Sicily, Syracuse - Preparations for War Against Carthage?

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This coin is from a short-lived issue known from only six obverse and seven reverse dies with numerous interlinkings, which suggest a specific occasion for its striking. Three alternatives proposed are the assumption of the royal title by Agathokles in 304 BC, the marriage of his daughter to Pyrrhos of Epiros in 297, or renewed preparations for war against Carthage, the last of which seems the most plausible; indeed we again see here a type familiar to Greek mercenaries that at once recalls the gold staters of Alexander III of Macedon, and the silver staters of Alexander of Epiros.

Sicily, Syracuse AV 50 Litrai. Agathokles. Circa 304-289 BC. Head of Athena right, wearing crested Corinthian helmet ornamented with griffin / AGAQOKLEOS BASILEOS, winged thunderbolt; monogram above. SNG ANS 705; Jameson 867; Gulbenkian 340 (all from the same dies). 5.69g, 17mm, 3h.

Good Extremely Fine.

Privately purchased from Spink, 30 June 1965.