Sicily, Syracuse - A Work of Eukleidas

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The similarities between this drachm and the facing head of Athena on the Tetradrachm engraved by Eukleidas (Rizzo pl. 43, 21-22) is evident; that larger issue was used as the model for this drachm and the hemidrachm below, which features a chariot scene. The advancing warrior on this drachm is identified as the hero Leukaspis based upon the inscription in the exergue which is rarely visible on most known examples. Diodorus informs us that Leukaspis – ‘he of the white shield’ – was a Sican who was killed in battle by Herakles.

Sicily, Syracuse AR Drachm. Time of Dionysios I. Circa 405-400 BC. Unsigned work by Eukleidas. Head of Athena facing three-quarters left, wearing double hook earring and necklace of pendant acorns with central medallion and triple-crested Attic helmet; on either side, two dolphins snout to snout; SURAKOSIWN around / Naked Leukaspis advancing right, wearing crested helmet and holding spear in right hand and oval shield in left; sword suspended by strap over right shoulder; square altar ornamented with garland in background left, and to right, forepart of slain ram on its back; SURAKOSIWN around; LEUKASPIS in exergue. Rizzo pl. XLVII, 1 (this obverse die); Jameson 810; SNG ANS 310 (this obverse die); Kunstfreund 12; Boehringer, Essays Thompson pl. 38, 6. 4.22g, 18mm, 8h.

Extremely Rare. Good Very Fine.