Sicily, Kamarina - Reconstruction of the City

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This issue was quite small (only two obverse and three reverse dies are known) and should be dated to soon after the reconstruction of the city during the time of Timoleon of Syracuse circa 339 BC. In other ways it is very closely tied to Timoleonic types from Syracuse as well; the letters EY found on our coin are also present on concurrent Syracusan silver issues, and the straight-line presentation of the ethnic beneath the Pegasos is so strikingly similar to a drachm from Syracuse that it is thought to be by the same engraver (see Westermark-Jenkins pl. 38, b). The denomination is fairly secure, being a drachm on a light Corinthian standard, and conforms to the influx of Corinthian coinage into Sicily during this period.

Sicily, Kamarina AR Drachm. Circa 339-300 BC. Head of Persephone to left, wearing necklace and pendant earring, grain wreath in hair; E-Y before and behind / Pegasos flying left, KAMAPINAIΩN below. SNG ANS 1219 = Jameson 532 = Westermark-Jenkins 207.3 (dies B/b). 2.49g, 15mm, 4h.

Near Extremely Fine. Extremely Rare - Westermark and Jenkins record just five examples of this very rare type, which is the only issue in silver from this period. All other specimens known to Westermark and Jenkins reside in museum collections, the coin here vying with the finest of those five recorded - the BM specimen, ex Hess-Leu 1957, lot 69 - as far as quality is concerned.