Roman Republic, The Social War - The Final Struggle

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This type was issued during the Social War (91-88 BC) by the Italic allies of the Marsic confederation, Marsi, Peligni, Piceni, Vestini, Samnites, Frentani, Marrucini, and Lucani, during their last struggle for independence against the dominant leadership of Rome. The coins not only helped pay for the troops, but were also used as propaganda against Rome.
The types issued by the Marsic Confederation are predominantly silver and weigh approximately the same as a contemporary Roman denarius. Their circulation continued even after the conflict ended, alongside their republican models.

The Social War. Marsic Confederation AR Denarius. Bovianum, Corfinium or Aesernia, 89 BC. Laureate and draped bust of Italia left; behind, Oscan inscription: viteliú / Soldier standing facing, head right, resting foot on uncertain object, holding sword and inverted spear; beside him to right, recumbent bull; I in exergue. Campana group 9b, 137 (D94/R116); Sydenham 627; HN Italy 407. 3.62g, 19mm, 12h.

Very Rare. Extremely fine, lightly toned.
Ex William N. Rudman Collection;
Ex BVH Collection;
Ex Triton V, January 2002, lot 1817.