Roman Republic, Q. Sicinius - Fortuna

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This type is in honour of Pompey and his party. The palm-branch refers to Pompey’s numerous victories; the caduceus to the restoration of commerce after the destruction of the fleets of the pirates, the wreath to the golden chaplet conferred on him by the citizens of Rome. These great deeds were effected by the special favour of the goddess Fortuna.

Q. Sicinius AR Denarius. Rome, 49 BC. Diademed bust of Fortuna right; FORT P•R• around / Caduceus and palm in saltire; III•VIR across fields; laurel wreath above; Q•SICINIVS below. Sydenham 938. 4.02g, 18mm, 5h.

Fleur De Coin. Light iridescent highlights.