Roman Republic, Q. Fufius Kalenus and Mucius Scaevola Cordus - Post-Social War

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This type refers to the recent pacification of Italy following the murderous Social War. The remembrance here perpetuated of that event must have been an especial subject of pride to Mucius Cordus because it showed his attachment to the side of Papius Mutilus, first general of the Romans in the war. On this denarius we see Rome belligerent and Italy fertile, as distinguished by their respective attributes, reciprocally offering right hands to each other. Because such reconciliation had been effected, not by force of arms but, through the virtue and honour of Italy, of which Rome was the capital, so we see here the heads of these two divinities, who each had their own temples, but which were so closely linked, that no one could enter that of Honos without first passing through that of Virtus.

Q. Fufius Kalenus and Mucius Scaevola Cordus AR Serrate Denarius. Rome, 70 BC. Jugate heads right of Honos, laureate, and Virtus, wearing crested helmet; KALENI below; HO behind; VIRT before / Italia standing right, holding cornucopia, and Roma standing left, foot on globe and holding sceptre, clasping hands; winged caduceus and ITAL behind Italia; CORDI in exergue. Crawford 403/1; Sydenham 797; Fufia 1. 3.56g, 20mm, 5h.

Fleur De Coin. Superb toning.
Ex Tkalec, February 2000, lot 217.