Roman Republic, Q. Cassius Longinus - Vesta

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This coin relates to an ancestor, L. Cassius Longinus, and his Lex Cassia Tabellaria, a law relating to the method of voting. This Cassius, having been appointed in the year of Rome 641, under the Peduceian Law, as Commissioner with praetorian power to investigate certain cases of violation of chastity in Vestal virgins, summoned again to trial and condemned to death Licinia and Marcia, who had allegedly been improperly acquitted by L. Metellus P. M, according to Asconius Paedianus on Cic. Pro Milone. Cassius was so great an exemplar of severity that he was commonly called ‘reorum scopulus’, and Cassiana judicia became a proverb. The curule chair within the temple denotes the praetorian power. The urn, or cista, is that into which the tabella were cast.

Q. Cassius Longinus AR Denarius. Rome, 55 BC. Veiled bust of Vesta right; Q•CASSIVS behind; VEST before / Curule chair within circular temple of Vesta between urn and voting tablet inscribed AC (Absolvo; Condemno). Sydenham 917; Crawford 428/1. 4.05g, 19mm, 5h.

Good Extremely Fine.