Roman Republic, Mn. Aquillius Mn. f. Mn. n. - Defeat of Salvius

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Probably a son of Manius Aquillius, consul in 129 BC, he was a loyal follower of Gaius Marius. During the election campaign for Marius’ fourth consulship, Aquillius was left in command of the army in case the migrating Cimbri attacked before Marius could return to command the army himself.
As a reward for his loyal services, Gaius Marius ran with Aquillius under a joint ticket for the consulship of 101 BC. After the consulship, with Rome struggling with famine caused by the slave revolt on Sicily, Aquillius was sent to put it down. Aquillius completely subdued Salvius and his insurgents, and earned a triumph in Rome in 100 BC. In 98 BC Aquillius was accused by Lucius Fufius of maladministration in Sicily. In the trial he was defended by Marcus Antonius Orator (the grandfather of Mark Antony), and, even though there were strong proofs of his guilt, he was acquitted because of his bravery in the war.

Mn. Aquillius Mn. f. Mn. n. AR Serrate Denarius. Rome, 71 BC. Helmeted bust of Virtus right, VIRTVS III VIR around / The consul Manius Aquillius standing facing, holding shield and raising slumped Sicilia by the arm; MN•AQVIL right; MN•F•MN•N left; SICIL in exergue. Crawford 401/1; Sydenham 798. 3.96g, 20mm, 7h.

Very Fine. Good metal; lightly toned.