Roman Republic, M. Plaetorius M. f. Cestianus - Ludi Florales

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This type may have been issued on the occasion of the celebration of the Ludi Florales. The Ludi Florales were games in honour of the goddess Flora, to invoke the seasonable appearance of the flowers. They were celebrated on the 29th April in Rome, under the direction of the curule aediles. The obverse bust may be that of Fortuna, and the reverse a view of the tympanum of her celebrated temple at Praeneste.
The gens Plaetoria was of Sabine origin, and of the Cestianus family there are fifty seven varieties of coins engraved by Morell, all silver, amongst which there are pieces struck in honour of Brutus, including the celebrated EID MAR denarius.

M. Plaetorius M. f. Cestianus AR Denarius. Rome, 69 BC. Female bust left, hair confined in hairnet; control-mark behind / Pediment of temple; within pediment, anguipede monster holding cornucopiae; M•PLAETORI on entablature; CEST•S•C• in exergue. Plaetoria 9b; BMC 3521; Sydenham 800; Crawford 405/1b. 3.73g, 20mm, 11h.

Near Very Fine.