Roman Republic, M. Junius (Q. Servilius Caepio) Brutus - Ahala and Maelius

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Caius Servilius Ahala served as magister equitum in 439 BC, when Cincinnatus was appointed dictator on the supposition that Spurius Maelius was styling himself a king and plotting against the state. During the night on which the dictator was appointed, the capitol and all the strong posts were garrisoned by the partisans of the patricians. In the morning, when the people assembled in the forum, with Spurius Maelius among them, Ahala summoned the latter to appear before the dictator; and upon Maelius disobeying and taking refuge in the crowd, Ahala rushed into the throng and killed him. Though considered an act of murder at the time, Ahala was regarded by later writers as a hero.

M. Junius (Q. Servilius Caepio) Brutus AR Denarius. Rome, 54 BC. bare head of Lucius Junius Brutus right; BRVTVS behind / bare head of Caius Servilius Ahala right; AHALA behind. Sydenham 907; Crawford 433/2. 3.78g, 20mm, 4h.

Good Very Fine. Beautiful iridescent tones.