Roman Republic, L. Titurius L. f. Sabinus - Tarpeia's Love of Gold

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Tarpeia, a virgin of the period of Romulus’ war with Tatius and the Sabines, was supposed to have sacrificed her country for her love of gold. She opened the gate, the price of her treason being ‘those things which they wore on their arms’ - the bracelets of gold with which the Sabines adorned themselves. However the enemy soldiers were so disgusted at her treachery that instead of giving her their gold bracelets they gave her their shields and buried her in a pile of them which they threw at her.

L. Titurius L. f. Sabinus AR Denarius. Rome, 89 BC. Bust of Tatius Sabinus right; SABIN behind; palm before / Tarpeia buried to waist in shields, with raised hands as she tries to thrust off two soldiers who are about to cast their shields at her; * in crescent above; L•TITVRI in exergue. Tituria 4; Crawford 344/2b; Sydenham 699a. 3.89g, 19mm, 5h.
Good Extremely Fine. Lightly toned. Uncommonly good style; well detailed.
Ex NAC 46, 2008, Lot 367.