Roman Republic, L. Furius Cn. f. Brocchus - Gens Furia

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The gens Furia was of the patrician order, amongst whose members was the great Marcus Furius Camillus, though he is not depicted on its coins. It also included other great men, who filled high employments under the Republic. On this elegant denarius we observe accents employed in the abbreviation of words and an example of refinement in pronunciation such as the word FVRI being used instead of FOVRI.

L. Furius Cn. f. Brocchus AR Denarius. Rome, 63 BC. Bust of Ceres right; wheat-ear behind; ear of barley before; III-VIR across fields; BROCCHI below / Curule chair between fasces; L•FVRI CN•F above. Crawford 414/1; Sydenham 902a. 3.85g, 19mm, 7h.

Fleur De Coin. Perfectly centred reverse; attractive old cabinet tone with iridescent tones.