Roman Republic, L. Cornelius Sulla - Sulla as Imperator Iterum

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This coin was issued by L. Cornelius Sulla, the Great Dictator, the first to turn Rome’s armies upon herself. The coin bears a bust of Venus on the obverse because, according to Plutarch, Sulla inscribed ‘Mars, Fortuna, Venus’ on a trophy. Cupid with a palm branch clearly denotes Venus Victrix. The two trophies on the reverse allude to Sulla’s two victories over the general of Mithridates, Archelaus, at Mount Thurius and on the field of Cheronea, on which account two trophies were erected. For this twofold measure of success, Sulla was acclaimed Imperator Iterum - Imperator for the second time.

L. Cornelius Sulla AR Denarius. 84-83 BC. Diademed bust of Venus right; L•SVLLA below; cupid with long palm branch before / Capis and lituus between two trophies; IMPER above; ITERVM below. Crawford 359/2; Sydenham 761; Cornelia 29. 4.20g, 19mm, 1h.

Rare. Good Very Fine. Struck on a large flan.