Roman Republic, L. Cornelius Lentulus and C. Claudius Marcellus - Zeus Eleutherios

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This coin was struck for the two consuls of 49 BC, both of whom supported the party of Pompey and were violently opposed to Caesar, on whose approach to Rome they fled to Sicily. They then went, via Greece, to Asia Minor where this coin was struck. The reverse is claimed to be a copy of the famous statue of Zeus Eleutherios, by Myron, which was set up by the Syracusans as a memorial to their freedom in 460 BC.

L. Cornelius Lentulus and C. Claudius Marcellus AR Denarius. Apollonia, 49 BC. Bust of Apollo right; L•LENT•C•MARC COS around / Jupiter standing right, eagle in left hand, thunderbolt in right; flower and Q in left field; garlanded altar in right field. Crawford 445/2. 3.98g, 18mm, 2h.

Rare. Extremely Fine. Lustrous and attractively toned.