Roman Republic, Faustus Cornelius Sulla - Sulla the Dictator

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Sulla the Dictator was surnamed Felix, the happy, or the lucky, from having been successful in all his enterprises. Jugurtha, King of the Numidians, in a long war which he sustained against the Romans, was in 106 BC defeated by Marius, and compelled to take refuge in the territories of King Bocchus of Mauretania. Sulla, though then only second in command, had influence enough with this sordid and treacherous man, to procure from him the surrender of Jugurtha into his own hands. This historical incident forms the subject of the above described and illustrated coin. The lituus on the obverse symbolizes the Augurate of Sulla.

Faustus Cornelius Sulla AR Denarius. Rome, 56 BC. Diademed and draped bust of Diana right; FAVSTVS before; crescent above; lituus behind / Sulla seated left, Bocchus, king of Mauretania, kneels before and offers olive-branch; Jugurtha, king of Numidia, kneels behind; FELIX behind. Crawford 426/1; Sydenham 879. 3.96g, 20mm, 10h.

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